Saturday, January 10, 2015

Something Has Shifted

Before the holidays, I was in a deep, deep funk.  In fact I wrote a blog post that I could not even put up here.  It was uncharacteristically dark, for me.  Things seemed to conspire against me ... from the mold growing in the still un-insulated space we had re-roofed to the girl who backed out of a parking spot and hit me (while I was stopped at a traffic light).

I took some time off.  I needed to use up my nearly two weeks of remaining vacation time ... I could probably used the cash, but I needed the change of pace more.  During the 16 days hiatus, I feel like something shifted. 

Being in a deep funk, I checked in with my spirit guides and allies.  I don't remember mush of the journey.  I went to a council fire.  I asked that we all meet.  We sat near a fire in my sacred medicine space.  I stated the "problem" and asked for guidance and help.  I must have drifted off to sleep.
I woke 30 minutes later feeling incredibly light, refreshed.  Something had shifted, perhaps only my perspective.
It is time.  While I still work as an engineer, it is time for me to start the next phase of my life.  I have trained with Shamans to be an apprentice.  I want to help people, to make a difference in the world.  Shamans have traditionally performed any number of tasks:
  • Healing
  • Leading ceremonies
  • Preserving  culture (through stories and songs)
  • Fortune Telling
  • Acting as a guide to souls
While I would never call give myself the title Shaman, I have training in all of these things.  I need to build more experience in these things.  Unlike indigenous shamanic practitioners, I will continue to support myself financially through my existing career, in lieu of relying on my community.

If you could use my help, please ask.  I am glad to offer my services.  I can offer any of these things in person (if you live nearby) or over any distance.  Do not feel compelled to give anything, unless you feel so inclined after the work has proven beneficial for you.

The Universe is truly generous with her gifts.  I am so grateful that she has guided me, along my MooseBoots path, to this point in my life.