Friday, March 12, 2010


While I may have known Spring has arrived, a few other have noticed.  The Earth is coming alive.  On the way to work two days ago, I saw a large flock of geese returning from "winter vacation."  Yesterday, I was driving to work and heard a red-winged blackbird singing.  And, last night while coming home from dance class, we saw a raccoon crossing the road.

The sugaring season is winding down ... I have collected only 6 gallons of sap in the last few days from 15 taps.  The season was short this year and I didn't trust my gut and tap immediately when I "felt" it was time.  We were still fortunate to be able to boil down about 1.5 gallons of syrup.

It is time to resume hide tanning.  I think I will have to work with Mr. Field and Stream, who seems interested in learning if given some instructive guidance.  There are a lot of hides to work still.  I guess I will need to start posting a bit about the process I am using.  I will also need to keep working on my "practice boots."

Additionally, we will need to continue working on our awareness and begin our work on our foraging this year.  The greens and wild edibles won't be long now.  And so, my MooseBoots journey continues....

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  1. I was talking with SnitchMom last night about the maple syrup production, and she said that the "old timers" tapped early :), but also agreed that it was a bad season. I think it's pretty cool that you, not being an "old timer", were able to read the signs, and despite your feelings of failure, I think the short season had nothing to do with you.

    In short, I think you done good :).


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