Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nature's Garden

I know, from the little time I have spent of this MooseBoots journey, that I have much to learn.  We have fallen short of our goal of increasing our foraging skills and knowledge.  We have probably missed blueberry season for the year.  Several years ago, we made an effort and picked 2 gallons of blueberries for the freezer.

So, I was excited to find that Samuel Thayer, author of The Forager's Harvest, has recently published a continuation entitled Nature's Garden.  The book has many more plants and descriptionsof harvesting and storage methods than its predecessor.  I have only just received my copy and perused the bit on Black Cherry trees, which I have.  Other plants of immediate interest are Black Nightshade, Solomon Seal, Wild Carrots, and Acorns.  Some of these I am familiar with ... I may have even eaten a few, but these plants are in my yard or nearby.  Wendy and I just recently discovered Black Nightshade growing in the yard and we are eager to use it.  Perhaps the season is not lost.

With renewed enthusiasm, I continue down this, my MoosBoots, path.  I encourage those follwoing along to get a copy of the Nature's Garden.  It has the same great format as The Forager's Harvest and much more information about new plants.


  1. Did I mention to you that trying a part of a plant that is called "nightshade" after hearing my whole life that nightshade is poisonous was a bit freaky? But it's good, if anyone is curious.

    And also, I just want to point out that while we may not be foraging our dinner this year the information gathering is what's most important, and making note of what's available and what's safe will serve us well in the future, even if we don't have half a dozen pint jars of black nightshade relish in the pantry this winter.

  2. Wendy, I guess sometimes I get frustrated by slow, methodical work. You are right, we are making progress. You're funny about the black nightshade.


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