Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Uses For Oil Lamps

One of the recurring themes on this MooseBoots journey, my path to a hand-made pair of moccasins made from hand-tanned leather, is to live in the moment, to take the opportunity to really savor life's flavor.  I find,as an adult, that I need constant reminders and, even still, significant effort from time to time.  Kids, particularly my kids, seems to get it, however.  In the hopes that we can give them a life where they do not lose that precious belief and attitude, we homeschool.  Wendy is also other valuable source of encouragement and inspiration.  Anyway....

A few weeks ago, the power went out.  It was nearing dusk and so, we lit some candles and, of course, my olive oil lamp.  Mind you ... the power went out, let's just say at 19:15 for convenience.  By 19:16, Wendy and the girls had the marshmallows out, accompanied by Hershey's chocolate bars and graham crackers ... s'mores in the making.  And, who needs sticks ... fondue sticks work very well.  Oh, the power was back on within 10 minutes, but the sheer momentum of s'more build kept the lamp lit far beyond any requirement for light.

As much as I learn from books and watching videos on Youtube, it can not compare with the intuitive knowledge and teaching that comes from our own wife and children.  Not only My MooseBoots path, but my life, is enriched, more than words can say, by these wonderful, creative, beautiful people. 

Thank you, guys!

P.S.  It turns out that the power outage is not a necessary component.  Several days later ... they just wanted s'mores so the lamps was lit again.

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