Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shamanic Gifts

There have been many surprises on this, my MooseBoots path.  Sometimes, it might be a situation where I have the opportunity to comfort someone unexpected.  Sometimes, it might be an unexpected gift.  Perhaps, the latest is the most pleasant of all, a simple reminder that while I travel this path I am accompanied by my family, although sometimes they are kicking and screaming.

Wendy, the girls, and I make a lot of the gifts we give.  I'll admit that with my work schedule, Wendy and the girls do most of the work.  As such, it was no surprise to see the girls working hard to make all of the gifts they would give - Big, Little Sister's knitting needs clicking away, Little Fire Faery learning to use the sewing machine to make a rattle for her new niece, or Precious, drawing and painting.  They worked diligently for weeks to have something for everyone on their lists.

Christmas morning, we opened our gifts.  You may know, or you may have guessed, we are not particularly religious.  In fact, if asked, I would say we are not ... I am not saying that we are not spiritual, just not religious.  I opened an envelope from Little Fire Faery.  Inside, I found this drawing.

Little Fire Faery had journeyed to retrieve power animals for Wendy and me.  Wendy's new guide is a frog.  Mine, specifically, is a rattlesnake.  We attended a shamanic journeying workshop this summer so that Wendy, Big Little Sister, and Little Fire Faery could learn to journey.  I thought it had ended there.  This, beautiful act, was a clear indication that I am not alone on my path.  I knew they supported my work, but I didn't clearly understand that they are right beside me on the path.  It is amazing what kids learn when you don't think they are paying attention.

I know that I am blessed.  I, unlike many people, have the full support and encouragement of my family to pursue my true path.  How many people do you know that can honestly say that?  How many other "MooseBoots journeys" are cut short or take unnecessary detours?  My journey, while not defined, is clear.  I have heard many times, and it rings true in this regard, that it is my intent that matters and that I need to let go of outcome.  For me, an engineer who has been trained to plan everything out and set goals, this can be difficult, but I know that I have the support, love, and company of my family.  Thanks, guys.


  1. Precious gifts, indeed...wishing you and yours continued blessings, love and light.


  2. Julie, I wish you the same. I know that you have had quite a year, may the next be filled with light, laughter, and love. How is Yvonne (I noticed the site is not up)?

  3. "... kicking and screaming ..." ???

    I think it was quite the other way, dear. As I recall, you were the one quite resistant to this path early on, and we were kind of dragging you ;). You're heavy, by the way *grin* ;).

    Regardless, we're happy to be traveling the road together ... as a family ;). It's good.

  4. Yes, last year was full of challenges - which, now past, I've realized were incredible periods of growth for me. Yvonne's accident was the largest impact on our family, and I am so pleased to say she is still improving steadily. She and her family were part of our Christmas festivities - she needs a walker to help with her balance, but her bones grow stronger every month, and her spirit and determination to get better are truly humbling - an incredible testament and lesson for all of us. It was on instructions from the lawyers handling her case that I was asked to shut down the blog. It pained me to do so, since it was a wonderful conduit for prayers and energy traveling in both directions, but it was a source of strength for all of us while I maintained it.

    There have been other personal challenges for me involving various relationships and trying to figure out what my journey is all about. Happily, I am firmly on my path now....

    All those corny analogies "if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger ;)", etc... do have some merit. By dealing directly with some major challenges, by being open and honest, aware at all times, and most importantly, trying to remain in a position to give and receive love - I have grown in ways I never imagined this year. The people who have crossed paths with me, physically and in cyberspace, have all been an integral part.

    Keep up the great work - I need to get back to my own blog, just too much going on recently (that's my excuse anyways!)

    All the best to you, Wendy, and your three precious daughters for 2011...may we all continue to be true to ourselves and our own journeys.

  5. Wendy, I, too, am happy to travel together as a family.

  6. Julie, I am glad Yvonne is doing well. Relationship issues, in my opinion, are the most difficult to deal with when trying to find your own path. I am fortunate that I have the support of my entire family. I look forward to reading you blog and hearing about your growth in the new year.


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