Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Voices

I was reflecting back the other day, thinking of the blessings in my life and my budding awareness.  It occurred to me that some of the skills I seek now, have been with me my whole life.  I have begun my MooseBoots quest, my journey to rediscovering native wisdom metaphorically symbolized by a pair of hand-made boots of hand-tanned  moose hides, moose boots.  Of course, before that, I knew things intuitively.  I have always considered myself intuitive, perhaps a bit psychic.  Now, I believe that it is all simply being in touch with "the Spirit In All Things", the Universe, our ancient ancestors through genetic material, or whatever you need or want to call it, perhaps even God.

In particular, two examples stood out clearly.  In the first, I did not listen to a very clear suggestion.  Let me paint the picture ....  One morning, I was driving to work.  The route I took was a series of back roads to a point where I joined one of the main roads travelled by many southern Mainers.  I travelled in the opposite direction.  The last in the series of little road is Cressey Road, in Gorham.  Cressey Road, at the time, teed into Route 25.  Route 25 is a major commuting road into Portland.  At this particular spot, Route 25 had two lanes of traffic heading eastward and one heading westward.  I needed to make a left turn into the westward lane across the two lanes of eastward traffic.  Anyone who knows this spot knows that this place was dangerous.  I sat at the stop sign watching a lumbering high-walled truck coming up the hill in the right lane to turn onto Cressey Road.  I looked around him as best I could, I could see no one.  "DON'T GO!"  It perhaps was not a loud voice, but it was clear.  I semi-negotiated and thought it will be fine, as I released the clutch and stepped on the accelerator.

The other was not a clear spoken voice, but a feeling, a knowing.  Of course, being human, I was stubborn with this one, too.  For several years, I had been unhappy with my job with a small start-up company.  I knew that the management was not going to be able to make the company a success within the first two years.  The problems were broad ranging, lack of leadership ability, poor planning, non-existent marketing/sales ability, and under-bidding every job in terms of time and money.  I believed, however, that I could change all of that.  While I am not experienced in all of these things, I have a fairly good dose of common sense and I can lead.  The problem was, after several years of trying to "save" the company, that the management could not see its own weaknesses and did not see a need to change.  I became very combative with the president of the company, but was so valuable that they tolerated it.  I knew after two years that I needed to find another job and that it was not healthy for me to stay.  I stayed with it for almost six more years, even with repeated hints - my mother's stroke from work related stress (amongst other things), persistent shoulder pain (from stress), my personality changing from one of optimism and happiness to anger and frustration, lay-offs, my aunt's heart attack and passing, and my grandmother's passing.  All of these signs reminding me to live, really live, my life!  Happily, January of this year, I started a new job.  My attitude has reverted back, although I still have my moments.  More importantly, this new job will allow me to focus on those things that a most important, my family, my friends, and my personal growth and development.

How many times have you ignored that voice?  Do you feel guilty for it?  I have to make amends to these helpers.  I do appreciate that they are there to guide me.  I have started to actively listen again.  Of course, I have conditioned myself to ignore them and must now work hard to re-establish the link.  This is part of my MooseBoots journey.  I am humbled by the fact that they are with me and willing to help.  Thank you, Universe.


  1. I just have to point out that you had some "real" voices telling you about that job ... actually both jobs - the one to which you were traveling when you broke our new car, and the one that sucked the life out of you.

    I can not tell you how happy I am that you (finally) listened, and whether it was to me or to the voices in your head matters not, but just that you did ;).

    It's nice to have you back ;).

  2. Yup, always honour those inner voices ;) It's amazing at how good we get at quieting them, when we don't want to hear what they are saying....

  3. Yes. I also found that the "decrease volume" knob was easy to find, but the "increase volume" is not. It will require hard work and an open heart.

  4. Well said...I finally had the strength to increase the volume and pay attention this year. Many tears were shed, but I think it was all worth it. I am definitely in a different place now, and although there are still a few things I'm not happy with, I know where I stand in all of it....before I was just getting taken along for the ride. Hard work and an open heart, genau!

  5. Change may be inevitable, but it never comes easy. I glad you have found peace it. I do look forward to hearing more. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, one of my favorite German sayings, which is oddly appropriate, is, "Das Leben ist hart wie eine Huehner-leider." No Umlaut ... sorry.

  6. I'm sure that one of these days, our paths will cross ;) It would be so nice to meet all of you..
    This week, I celebrate my first half century of this lifetime...I'm sure I'll be getting introspective, so maybe I'll actually write something on my own blog ;)

    Thanks for the great post!


  7. Happy birthday, Julie! I'm right behind ya to the half-century mark - may we both see the other half to its completion ;).

  8. Thanks, Wendy. My birthday is on Thursday, an Aquarian through and through...:D I tell everyone that I plan to live to 124, so I'm not even half way there yet! (I bumped it up from 92, a while ago)

  9. Tell Deus Ex Machina that his German word of the day is wrong today!

  10. interesting post and a facinating blog

  11. Julie, no wonder people have such a difficult time learning German! LOL.


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