Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Bee-ing Ready

As you know, if you've been tagging along, my MooseBoots journey is not filled with triumph after triumph, success after success.  It has many, often humorous, failures.  I like to think that my awareness and intuition are growing more and more reliable, but sometimes I get put in my place.  I am a fallible human and, contrary to what I may tell my kids, I do not know everything.  But ... I am willing to try (and make a fool of myself) and to learn.

Last year, our first hive was a failure.  In the face of that failure, I present the following:
  • I am comfortable with my ability to recognize some problems with the hive (not all, but it is only my second year).
  • I am certain of the correct procedure to install the bees in the hive.
  • I have a much better idea what to expect from the bees.
  • I am more aware and am actively trying to develop this awareness further.
So, the order was placed months ago for a new package of bees.  They have arrived at Gold Star Honeybees and are ready for pick up.  We will be picking them up tomorrow or Saturday for immediate installation.  I hope to work successfully with the bees this year.

We knew they were coming and took the opportunity to finish cleaning the hive.  We also decided to give it a fresh new paint job.  I had some help.  Can you think of any better way to re-dedicate a home for bees than with the love and laughter of four lovely "flowers".  I'll admit that I may have touched up some of the paint, when they ran off to play and weren't looking.

I humbly ask the Universe to provide the guidance and wisdom I need to work with these incredible bee-ings.  And I will gladly go, stumbling down my MooseBoots path, growing, learning, loving, and laughing.  My your path be filled with joy and love, and may it be your own.  Wish me luck!


  1. Do you think our hive looks too much like bumble bees? Or perhaps is it completely appropriate for the "bumbling humans" who maintain it??

    Bees Saturday ... but you forgot to mention baby chicks tomorrow. Life is good ;).

  2. Is there such a thing as too much like a bumblebee? I do think it appropriate for the bumbling humans part.

    Yes, chicks arrive today. We are blessed. I am eager for all of the things that the cycle brings ... chickens, strawberries, raspberries, apples, etc. This on top of everything going on with your book! Life is very good.

  3. I agree with you,Deus Ex such thing as too much like a bumblebee;) I have decided (for this year) to continue buying our honey from a local producer who is a gentle but vocal steward of his large bee colony. By vicariously learning about beekeeping from your posts last year, I realized the commitment it would take and have other priorities for this year...our new hoophouse, our hens and my plans for a home market garden...really exciting, lots of hard work, really looking forward to it!

    Yes, life is good...we just need to open our eyes, look around and see it. Happy Earth Day to you and yours!

  4. Thank you, Julie. We are hopeful to have better results for the bee's sake. We don't plan on taking any honey until next Spring. I'm not sure we've learned everything we need to know, but we'll see. The bees will help teach us.


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