Sunday, June 19, 2011

Simply Incredible

Sometimes, I am frustrated by the pace of these MooseBoots travels ... the learning, the living, the knowing.  Other times can provide unanticipated visions and glimpses.  This morning, after taking care of the animals, I looked up to see a red-tailed hawk soaring over head.  It was a beautiful Father's Day gift.  The sun back lit the wings, showing a red-orange glow through the feathers on the wings, providing a striking view of the black bands near the wing tips.  It looked similar to this.

I tried to follow it as long as I could, but lost it behind some trees.  I was very grateful for the gift.  Then, it got better.  I turned and spotted another lower and closer.  I watched it for a few seconds and decided to share the gift.  I ran into the house and shouted, "Come outside quickly!"  The whole family got to see this beautiful sight.

Red-tailed hawk medicine includes seeing the bigger picture while staying grounded.  The message is that one needs to open his/her eyes and pay attention, be aware. It is something I have been trying to be mindful of.  I thought about the message, but really there was really nothing unusual other than the fact that we don't see them every day.  I chalked it up to a being given a precious gift of seeing these beautiful creatures.
Wendy and I have been trying to make our yard more environmentally friendly ... composting, chem-free gardening, reusing and recycling.  Wendy purchased this book and has started a forest garden.  One of the things she's been talking about for years is hazelnut.  They grow wild in our area, but we never seem to find them ... except once in a friends recently purchased yard.  Last fall, we planted two ... silly people thinking Mother Nature needs our help!

We have had a plant growing under our oil tank for years.  Initially, we mowed it down.  Of course, it was more resilient than we were persistent.  So, as we were admiring the billions of immature black raspberries, we noticed something on this particular plant.  Here are some photos.

Apparently, all of this time, even after we planted two more hazelnut bushes, we had wild hazelnut growing in our yard.  At this point, Wendy squealed with delight.  It seems that the Universe, Great Spirit, provides the things we ask for.  She quipped that we should ask fro something cool ... like avacado.

Little Fire Faery and I walked down the road looking at the things growing in the brook behind the house.  We noticed all of the Jewelweed, Goldenrod, Violet, and some raspberry canes, that we threw down there, thriving.  I continued to wander down the road and found this.

More hazelnut, growing wild just 50' from our yard, right on the edge of the road.  So, I turned around and saw this, on the other side of the road.

I guess the Earth does know what to do.  Nature is incredibly resilient and will, like our bodies, heal herself, when given a chance.  She is also generous with her abundance and love.  I am awestruck by the things I see and learn on this, my MooseBoots journey.  Thank you, Earth Mother and Great Spirit for helping me, and encouraging me, to grow to my fullest potential and for allowing me to share these blessings and teachings with those open to receive these gifts.


  1. Oh what a beautiful post, Deus Ex Machina, and what a great Father's day gift from our Mother and the Great Spirit for you and your family. So very happy for all of you...

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Father's Day! YUM to the hazelnuts.
    And thank you for the comment, especially the link to Wendy's FB page and the tips for Blogger. I've tried the sign in change - if you get this, it worked, and I thank you for the bloggy gift. :-)

  3. Julie, it was ... well, incredible. I am amazed at the stunning things I see when I remember to stop and look.

  4. Melonie, it was great. You are quite welcome. Thank you for recommending Wendy's book ... she is really excited about getting the word out.

  5. nice blog you have here
    why the name?
    do you suddenly solve problems?


  6. John, thank you.

    Deus Ex Machina ... where to start? Well ... the short form is ... Wendy needed a blog name for me and that is what we chose. I was a corporal in the US Army and, according to my First Sergeant that made me a God. I am also an instrument rated, private pilot ... hence, a God in the machine.

    Ironically, professionally, I am an engineer and make a living solving problems ... suddenly, or how quickly, is sometimes open for debate.


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