Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beautiful People

I am the first to admit that life is hectic.  Things are moving so fast that often we do not have time to think, or appreciate things for what they are.  The girls have been busy ... they dance a combined 22 hours a week normally and then, when they are involved in something special, they dance more.  For the last few weeks, at least one of them has had class or practice six of the seven nights of the week.  It culminated this weekend with their performances in "Christmas on Broadway" at the City Theater.

Friday was the dress rehearsal.  Wendy and I sat in the audience watching the performance.  It promised to be fantastic.  Of course, there were a few people missing ... sick or otherwise committed.  Regardless, it was beautiful ... the whole scene, the singers, the dancers, the theater itself.  The little girls appeared on stage with Julia Furtado, Miss Maine in the current Miss America pageant.  She is a very nice young woman and gave each girl and autographed picture.

Saturday, the day of the first show, Wendy and I got dressed up.  I don't really like dressing up.  I am more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, but I couldn't get away with that with Wendy in a little black dress.  We got to the theater only to have to turn around to get a costume.  Still, we got back in time to take our seats and settle in for a few minutes before the show started.

Each of us, over the course of the show, took our turns getting teary eyed.  I am the first to admit to being a sap.  Those extremely beautiful moments filled each of us to overflowing.  Of course, we laughed at ourselves, which only enhanced the emotions.  Several number stood out ... a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria, our girls dancing so gracefully, and performances of the following songs, Like Mother Mary and Hard Candy Christmas.  The videos are just for you to hear the tunes.  Live and in person they were stunning ... the setting, the mood, the harmonies, the costumes.

One would think, after having seen the show a half dozen times, the novelty and emotion impact would lesson, but every performance is different.  The impact builds.  Sunday was a repeat performance on our parts.  Filled with the raw power and beauty of each song, we took our turns laughing at each others flowing tears.  Of course, we are biased.  The stars in our eyes were these three beautiful, intelligent, graceful girls.  For me, Wendy was a star of the show, too.  It was wonderful to have time together sharing such exquisite, poignant moments.  So, here are my fours star performers.

Sunday, we also attended an annual Solstice celebration at the Maine Audubon Society.  The shamans performed an Ayni Despacho ceremony.  The ceremony was rounded out with a storyteller telling a legend about the InnukSuk.  The night, again, was magical ... the lights, the mood, the humor.  Our good friends were there for the first time ... perhaps, receiving what I hope to be a good dose of love, perspective and support in the process.

This weekend showed me that I am surrounded by beauty.  There is so much that goes un-noticed most of the time in our hustle.  Yes, my weekend was busy.  And no, I did not get to spend enough time out in Nature.  But, even while cutting down a neighbor's tree for both firewood and a Christmas tree, I was reminded, by a sweet little mouse, that we are fortunate.  We have the support, abundance, and beauty we need to satisfy our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  My MooseBoots path is certainly full of these things.


  1. Melonie, it was indeed a lovely weekend!

  2. Aho! I share with you the appreciation of beauty and love that surrounds us each and every day, Deus Ex Machina...It's like my favourite line from the movie, August Rush,: "The music is all around us. All you have to do is ...listen".

    So glad you had such a fulfilling time. When we are in that state of gratitude, the world cannot get much more beautiful.

    Wishing you and your precious family wonderful celebrations during this festive time. May you have abundance and enough wisdom to realize that you have it (which I think you do;) Merry, Merry Christmas from us up here in Canada...Julie & Ralph, Natalie and Phillip

  3. Julie, thank you so much for your warm wishes. Have a great visit with Philip (I read that he is home soon). Have a Merry Christmas. It is a beautiful time of year.


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