Sunday, January 15, 2012

Waste Not ...

I have never liked to waste things.  Perhaps, it was my Grandmother's insistance that we not waste food.  Maybe, it was that we never had a lot of disposable income growing up - I never realized it, but my Dad and I spent a very short time homeless (living out of a van).  Regardless, travelling along on my MooseBoots journey has served to reinforce this.  It has shown me to respect and honor the beauty, abundance, and vibrance all around me, and to share these gifts with others.

For instance, I was reluctant to cut down the neighbor's tree.  They insist they want them all cut down.  I dragged my feet - the local birds an squirrels call them home.  I love watching them and don't wish to interrupt the vibrant life circle that surround me.  I also know that the neighbors will just have someone else cut them, if I don't.

So, when it was time to get a Christmas tree, I decided that the time was right to cut one.  I offered a heartfelt gift of love and told the tree my intentions.  As I felt the tree accepted, I cut it.  This was not a small tree - it was a 50 foot tall spruce.  After I cut it, I limbed it, carefully stcking the boughs in my yard as an offering to any of the creatures that might need shelter for the winter.  I removed the top 5 feet to use for our Yule celebration and cut, and split, the rest into firewood.  After the holidays, we took the tree down.  Again, I felt the need to fully honor this gift that I was given.

A month or so ago, someone (thank you so much) bought a copy of Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers from my search box, I guess.  When I saw the title I was immediately intrigued.  I am studying both herablism and healing and thought that the book sounded fantastic, especially in light of my "playing" at brewing.  I decided that it would be completely appropriate to use the spruce bows from the Christmas tree to make spruce beer.  So, I did!

The thick, molasses based brew is now resting in the bottles awaiting our first tasteof the finished product next Friday!  A sip during the bottling promised that the flavor will be unlike anything I've ever had.  I look forward to honoring the spruce and sharing a beer.  This MooseBoots path certainly has its sweet rewards, if only I chose to slow down, stop and look, and seek them out.  Prost!


  1. I am looking forward to your sharing of your beer with me ... and that article I read recently about the abundant health benefits of drinking beer makes me all the more excited to try out these new sacred herbal (healthful) beers!

  2. Wendy, of course you know I haven't done anything more that flip through the book. I looks like it will be amazing!

  3. Ready to be an official taster. Spruce is, after all, gluten free! ;-)

  4. Evie, how nice of you to drop by. I could probably make that happen. Gluten free - spruce, molasses, water, and yeast - cool!


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