Monday, April 9, 2012

Farewell - Yoo Hoo, My Friend

Wendy and I met her over 15 years ago.  She was an energetic fur ball with a unique personality.  She immediately became part of our family, travelling in the car with us from Texas to Maine as we left behind everything she knew.  She grew with our family ... playing the role of nanny, friend, protector, and farm hand.

Recently, she has started showing her age.  She had difficulty getting up and moving around.  She stopped eating.  And yet, even in the last days, she showed that she was still in command of her faculties and the other pets.  She told the beagle when it was time for him to eat, or get affection.  But, we've known.  We wanted her, at home, when she died.

She is gone.  We arrived home tonight, after dance class, to find her dead.  She is in a much better place, without pain, in whatever form she choses.  I hope she can find the time to continue to guide us in spirit.

Thank you, Yoo Hoo Kae for being a friend, companion, and family member.  You are amazing!  In your honor, I would like to share some photos of you as we remember you.

Yoo Hoo, you are not a cat!

Snow Dog

Healthy Grieving

A Hole In Our Lives
I think we, as a culture, try to sweep death under the carpet.  I feel like it should be a celebration of life, and growth. 

Sleep Well, Girl.  I love you!


  1. I hold special energy for you and your family with the loss of a beloved pet. I know all too well the pain it brings when these special creatures leave us. I feel honored to have spun her fur and that with that yarn, your daughter was able to knit a lasting momento of her for the family to hold...

    Hugs all around!

  2. That was beautiful. She was amazing and I cherish all the memories I have of her, even the time she bit me :) she couldn't have had a better family. She died in a happy place. I'm sorry for your (and my) loss but she brought a lot to our family and I was happy to know her

  3. Dianna, thank you for the spinning, your friendship, and your support. We know, as do you, that this is an important part of living and growing spiritually. I only hope that she felt as much a part of this family as we did.

  4. Kyle, thank you so much. We all have fond memories of her and her times with us.

    It is hard to lose a part your family, whether they died in body, or grow older and shed their childhood and begin their own lives far away.

    I have been incredibly fortunate to share my life with all of you. So, thank you again.

  5. Dianna, I can't thank you enough for the gift of that yarn. I wear the scarf Big Little Sister made for me all of the time, and one of my favorite things is to share the story of how it came to be. Now, I think it will be even more precious to me. Thank you for helping us keep that small, tangible piece of her with us always.

  6. As always, your family is an excellent model of what I'd like to be someday - hope to be someday. Love this tribute and Wendy's as well. So sorry for your loss, but amazed at the way you both lead us readers to betterment for when we face this again. My family had to give up a pet that I'd had for a very long time when we moved overseas - it's been a long 3+ years and I'm looking forward to finding a new furry family member when we return, but was already worried about dealing with this day in the future of that family member. Thank you both for the reminders to find the right fit and to be grateful for every day we have with them - however many days that may be.

  7. Sorry for you too dude, must be tough on the kids

  8. Melonie, thank you. It is so important to remember all of the joy and companionship Yoo Hoo gave us for all of those years. She taught us about loyalty, respect, dignity, and courage. This is a continuation of her teachings, a thing we must accept in all of our relationships. She has outgrown her physical body and completed her learning in this life, and so has gone on.

    We are simply trying to live authentic, grateful lives.

  9. SBW, thank you. The kids, at this point, are developing a healthy awareness, idea of death. It is something we all must learn. Modern society has done a us a real disservice by shielding us from the real face of death. My kids are amazing, each in his/her own way.

  10. As with life, so is death. We do not forget only treasure. Whether animal or person they impact our world in so many ways and in time we see just how important they were to us. May time bring you peace, love and memories that add to your lives. Sending you much love and peace.

  11. Sorry to hear about your loss . . . your in my thoughts.


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