Sunday, January 12, 2014


For those who visit regularly, know this ... I am alive.  My creative juices are not really flowing much and I have not found much to discuss.

Wendy and I are still trying to promote "Browsing Nature's Aisles", but like all things here in Maine, we are in stasis.  I am, however, awake enough to be watching for signs that the Spring is here.  The Maples never lie.  Randy Link captured it best.

If you read this, please comment and let me know how you are. 

Oh yeah, please like "Browsing Natures Aisles" on Facebook, and please send your friends.  We are open to coming and doing talks, signing, etc., too.

Rest well, for the Spring comes with new awakenings.


  1. Love the picture!
    I started the winter and holidays feeling like I'd hibernate a bit too. In certain ways, I think I am living up to it more than I thought I would. For some strange reason, I thought of the word as being more of a "hiding away, doing nothing" - like people seem to think bears do. Really, though, I think I've just gone dormant. I'm regrouping, weathering the weather, looking for those moments that are right to put out buds for spring and hopefully blossom come summer. Oddly/interestingly enough, the timing of our move falls right in line with that. We will be in Lodging for the first day of spring and we will drive away soon after. Funny how that worked out. ;)
    Hope you all have a wonderful week. I was thinking of your family and the post about the property selling and wondering what you will do. I don't suppose you'll be traveling all the way to WA to speak at Mother Earth News Fair? I expect you'll stay closer to home, but if they invite you out west, please let me know - we'll be there and would love to get together with you and Wendy, and certainly the kids if they attend!

  2. I know just how you feel. The weather has been so cold that all I want to do is hibernate. Looking over seed catalogs and planning the garden helps.

  3. Melonie, thanks for sharing. I am right there. Wendy and I haven't been to WA for the fair. We typically attend in PA. Who knows ... maybe they'll ask very nicely and we'll have no choice but to accept.

  4. Rachel, seeds have been mentioned in my house, too. Spring is just around the corner!

  5. I thought I commented last week. Guess I'm at such a creative pause that I can't even hit publish :) Hope all our creative juices being flowing soon. Perhaps we're more connected to the trees than we realize.


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