Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Is Ringing The Door Bell ... Welcome It In

I like to think that I have developed a bit of awareness of my surroundings.  I know that I would like to continue to hone these skills.  I am so proud when Little Fire Faery points things out in nature ... a bird in a tree, a snake, a plant.  Her casual, easy connection with the Earth, and its host of beings, inspire me to work harder.

This Winter has been a particularly snowy one for us.  Well, really January and February were.  I recall thinking, in December, how mild the Winter was and how we would have plenty of firewood.  Perhaps, I jinxed us, but we received a number of storms that dumped more than a foot of snow at a time.  It gets harder to shovel the snow as the season winds on.  Usually, there are some warm days that help the snow settle a bit .... snow banks get a bit shorter.

This year, I have really become aware of the cardinals.  It happened a week or so ago, when it seemed like a few more big snow storms were taking us in their sites.  On morning, I opened the door to let the cat out and it hit me right in the face.  The world had exploded into cheery cardinal song, with calls and songs, surrounding me.  I could hear calls in every direction.

Cardinals and chickadees are year-round residents for us.  While the chickadees will sing their songs in the worst of the winter, often in the midst of storms, I don't remember ever hearing the cardinals.  I have seen them silently huddled in trees, or flitting to a feeder for a snack.

In some nature cultures, the cardinal is the daughter of the sun.  For me, this is particularly significant this year.  I have taken the cardinals as the messengers, carrying Spring in their songs, singing it back to us.  I have heard their song every day since that one.  The forecast is starting to show signs that the weather is turning.  I am watching the maples for signs that it is time to tap.

Spring is here!  And, had I not started down this MooseBoots path, had I not begun trying to reconnect with the Earth, I would not be so filled with joy at hearing this beautiful song.

May your day be filled with beauty and warmth.

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