Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bone Head

I'm not sure that I am referring to me or the dog.  You see ....

I started working on a bone scraper a while back.  It was made from a bone that we had left over from some pork chops.  It had a slender handle and a scraping surface a little bigger than my thumb.  It was turning out pretty nice, but I hadn't had a chance to test it on the moose hide that is stretched on the rack in the back yard.  I was anxious to try it when the weather turned warmer.

I have a pile of rocks and stuff near the woodstove.  My little primitive tools of the future stash.  Well, apparently the dog wanted a bit of a snack.  We noticed him chewing on a bone.  It turns out that it was my scraper.

He looks guilty to me.  I'll bet he ate that bit of sinew I saved from the deer legs too!


  1. Are you sure he's a dog? Maybe he's one of Monsanto's creations, and he's actualy part pig. He sure eats like one. Silly puppy :).

  2. He does have a pretty shady expression...:D


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