Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Visit

This morning, I could not sleep.  So, I got up and puttered around the silent house.  I had a slight headache.  I tried to check out the news, but couldn't focus.  So, I thought I might try a shamanic journey and check in with my spiritual helpers and teachers.  As I gathered everyone, the dog jumped in my lap ... I guess that was not in the cards.

So, we sat quietly ... one dog in my lap (beagles!) and the other on the floor at my feet.  We were all just dosing and sitting quietly.  I became aware of something.  I opened my eyes in the early morning light and saw ...

This is not a mouse.  It is a Shrew.  Now, the dogs were oblivious.  So, what message does he have for me?  What wisdom can he share?  That remains to be seen.  I watched him for a few minutes ... clearly he was looking for a way out.  He crept behind the recycling basket, under a piece of paper the girls had left on the floor, to the door.  Then, he crept back silently.  All the while, the dogs snoozed.  Then, he moved toward the kitchen and under a bookshelf through a crack not more than 3/8" tall.

I got up at that point and the Chow decided she smelled something and investigated the trail to the door.  My friend was safely hidden under the bookshelf.  A short while later, he scurried, dogs still pretty oblivious, into the kitchen and under the stove. 

I am working on developing my awareness, whether in the woods or at home.  The things I see and experience during these time amaze me.  I have had a chipmunk walk across my boot in the woods while hunting.  I have had red squirrels climb down trees withing inches of me.  Now, the shrew visited within two feet with no hesitation.  Farewell, friend.


  1. Maybe he's been the evening visitor and not a mouse. Afterall, mice usually leave a thank you "gift" after their visits, but this guy has been much more polite and ... clean ;).

    The dogs are so stupid. The beagle wouldn't have noticed the shrew unless he had a piece of bacon wrapped around him ;).

  2. I have learned that paying attention to everything, to have that awareness is a very powerful tool and aid. I have looked up shrew and found that it has some interesting traits as a totem animal...If you have Ted Andrew's book "Animal Speak", look it up. If not, buy it - it's a great resource. I, too, have had many interesting experiences with animals showing up at synchronistic moments in my life. A painted turtle showed up in my pond last summer (I have never seen one before), I found pristine great horned owl feathers outside two entrances to our home (we live in the country), just last month. Hawk appears often, acting as one of my life animals. And as for the chipmunk - I was in Algonquin Park last summer for 4 days (one of our Canadian treasures). I was meditating on the shore, sitting on the rocks, when a little chipmunk came scampering right across my boot, oblivious to me. My girlfriends saw it from a distance and were very surprised. So I guess my final comment is, pay attention...and enjoy!

  3. Julie is right my friend, the "Animal Speaks" book is very good.
    Animals have a way of communicating with us that many do not understand as they do not speak the language of man but the language of Spirit.
    The language of man is with words and can be manipulated or changed, while the language of spirit is spoken through the heart and never lies. This comes to us through our feelings, emotions, instincts and intuitions. Sort of like reading a book, we really do not see the words but the mental images created by them like a video in our mind.
    All things communicate to us in this fashion but we are trained from childhood to ignore it as fantasy or day dreaming.
    If you come across a feather that grabs your attention and makes you take notice, it is telling you something..... pay attention, look it up or listen with your heart.


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