Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maple Brew!!!

This weekend was a busy MooseBoots weekend.  In spite of being "computerless" for the better part of the week, I had some amazing experiences.  It started with the 5th Annual Knap-In at the University of Southern Maine and continued beyond today's rock grinding, homework for my apprenticeship program.

Today, we bottled the Maple Brew.  I was concerned that the yeast was not working when I put it in, but slowly it started bubbling.  It bubbled very slowly for a little over a week ... I was told that it was because the sugar is sucrose.  Sucrose apparently ferments slower than "sugar".  Of course, we sampled it while bottling the meager 10 half-liter bottles.  The reviews are all positive ... exceptional, the maple flavor comes through nicely.

I guess MooseBoots dont' spoil the flavor.  I count this sugaring season a success in spite of how short it was.  Thank you, Maples!

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  1. Maple brew? My mouth is watering...:D We had local maple syrup on our pancakes this morning, but have never had maple brew...maybe something to investigate next spring!

    Thanks for sharing!


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