Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moose Boots? Naw!

My MooseBoots journey has led me to my apprenticeship.  The stated goal of the program is to "grow a deep relationship with Spirit and integrate these practices into daily life."  I have always believed that there are spirits in the universe to help guide us, protect us, and teach us.  Religion, however, has never worked for me.  What I believe is a deep seated awareness that tends to dislike labels of all types and attempts to dictate behaviour.  This seems to support my beliefs in the spirit of the earth, of family, of responsibility, and of respect.

The last bit of homework I need to complete (rather quickly) is to make an article of clothing.  Leather seemed a nature material for me given all of the learning I am doing with hide tanning.  Unfortuantely, I have not tanned enough material well enough to make anything other than a simple pouch.  So, I will be using commercially tanned craft grade elk hide.  I bought it make a practice set of boots ... note these would not be moose boots because I did not tan it, it is not moose, and still have a lot to learn!  Your task is to identify this ....

It may be pretty easy for all of you, but this is not within my comfortable range of skills.  I will do the best I can and I guess that that is all that matters.  Maybe, I will make a pouch with the road-kill squirrel hide to keep people from focusing too much on this.  This MooseBoots journey sure has taught some interesting lessons so far; I wonder what other opportunities await!


  1. I know! I know! Pick me ... :).

    I don't think the pouch is a bad idea either. It would be good for carrying your knife and magnesium fire starter :).

  2. it looks like you are making a vest. I think the pouch is a great idea as well - always handy especially if you have a strap or loop to attach it to your belt.


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