Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bee Check - 29 Days In Hive

This MooseBoots journey, my journey to my handcrafted, brain tanned moose hide moccasin boots, is full of interesting surprises and constant reminders that I am not always in control or all-knowing.  Simple reminders that we need to pay attention and be open to experiences provide unexpected learning opportunities, which we can choose to take or not.

The bees are a constant fascination - the way they move, the things they do, the amazing  way they build, and the incredible level with which they are attuned to nature and the weather.  Day 29 required another hive inspection.  I needed to check for larva, eggs, brood comb, etc..  It becomes easier to work with them with each inspection ... perhaps because I am calmer and more sure of myself.  No stings.  Every bar checked and photographed.  Here are some pictures.

I find it simply amazing that they have been able to build all of that comb, store all of the honey they have stored, and begun procreating in such a short time.  I find it intriguing watching their flight patterns and trying to figure out what they are foraging at any given time.  It is great watching how tuned in they are to weather patterns and how they deal with different temperature changes.  There is a lot to learn from these guys.  My MooseBoots journey is definitely enhanced by their presence.

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