Monday, May 31, 2010

Bee Check - 17 Days In Hive

The bees have certainly been interesting to watch.  I am really trying to learn what they have to teach ... perhaps a bit more intently than they would like.  This MooseBoots journey demands that I take the time to watch and learn, so I do what I must.

Yesterday was Day 17 for the bees in the hive.  I have checked that the queen was released and even removed the queen cage.  Last time, I did not see eggs or larva.  So, I decided to check in again and see if I could see any eggs or larva.  Wendy even wanted to get into the act.  Here is what we found:  6 bars with comb in process, some eggs and larva, and some capped cells.  Now, I need to learn the difference between the capped cells - honey, worker brood, drone brood, etc.

This MooseBoots journey is simply fascinating.  Oh yeah, one sting on my finger ... not sure why ... the others were very calm.  I guess it also goes to show that while I may know the path I am on, I certainly don't understand all of the mystery it entails.


  1. I am jealous! I wish I could keep bees! I am hoping to get an observation hive in the nature center I work at soon. Love your blog. Glad I discovered it.

  2. Hope, thank you, I agree.

    Norseman, welcome. I am glad you like the things you see.

  3. Bee keeping seems like an interesting thing. Would it be possible to hollow out a trunk and use it as a hive? or would they swarm and disappear?

  4. Torjus, I definitely think that you could hollow out logs and use them. You should check out kenyan top bar hives. Centuries ago, Greek people used baskets with bars across the top.


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