Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

This MooseBoots journey took a nice turn on Sunday, Mother's day.  We needed to clean up the yard in preparation for some of the changes we have planned - espaliered apple trees, new duck house and run, and outdoor kitchen.  For me, it was also a chance to re-connect with both of my mothers, my Mom and the Earth mother.

It began as any normal day - the dogs waking me up to eat, coffee, etc.  Then, Momma Daughter and Mr. Field and Stream made breakfast.  Granted, it was for Wendy, but I took advantage of the opportunity ... bacon, yeah!  After breakfast, I cleaned the kitchen and changed into my dirty old working clothes.

Wendy and I dug up rhododendron bushes to make room for the apple trees.  One large one was replanted for my mom.  Another was planted for the neighbor.  Both were very excited and pleased.  While planting the neighbor's, we were introduced to another neighbor.  It was a nice chance to build community and expand our circle.  The woman was interested, but reluctant, in homeschooling her young daughter.  She also wants to start gardening.  Of course, Moosette (thanks, Precious) was very verbose in praising our skill as parents, neighbors, and gardeners.  We humbly accepted the praise and offered what little assistance we could provide.  We also offered her some of the remaining smaller bushes.

Afterwards, Precious and I then took a walk in the woods.  I gathered firewood and fire starting materials; Precious gathered flowers for Wendy.  The girls had a plan to make a bouquet - violets, marsh marigolds, and dandelions.  My plan was simply to build a fire to clean up some of the debris which seems to grow in the yard.  Upon our return, I built the fire structure.  Precious and Little Fire Faerie each got to light a match to start it.  While the real intent was to clear some of the scrap wood from the yard, it provided a convenient gathering spot.  There is something soothing about a fire. 

I had phoned Gar to find out where she wanted her bush, but got no answer.  Of course, we had already delivered and planted it in her yard by this time.  It was a good thing Wendy knew where it was going.  While the burn was happening, Gar called.  She was in between stops - lunch with my aunt and dinner with my sister.  We invited her over for tea by the fire.  It was nice to just sit and chat.  It is unfortunate that these things do not occur more often.

Aftewards, we ran to Home Depot to pick up the stuff for the new duck run.  By the time we got home, the sun was getting low in the sky.  There was just enough time to poound the posts into the ground and string the fence(but not enough time to really check things like making sure the fenced area was completely closed).  I cobbled together a new house for them with some pallets and closed the animals up for the night.

Sunday, Mother's Day, was an excellent reminder of how life can, and should be.  Not about rushing about to earn another dollar or gathering more possessions.  It was about honoring our mothers - human or otherwise.  It was about connecting with community and helping other out.  This seems like a common theme in many things on the MooseBoots journey.  The trick for me is to figure out how to make this the norm rather than the special occasion.


  1. Yes, it was a wonderful day, and I think you did a phenomenal job of describing it in all its perfection :).

  2. Hey Deus,
    Nice piece, great to be reminded that life is for living.

  3. Wendy, I am glad you enjoyed it. It was, after all, your day.

    Murphyfish (John), thank you and welcome to MooseBoots. I am really trying to live this life in a conscious way.

  4. This time of year we try to spend every Sunday and/or Monday just as you described. This year has been challenging because we are down to one car, so we seem to spend a lot of time doing errands instead - which of course we do as a family - if we have to spend time doing errands we'll do it together so it's more fun. I think I enjoy the work of spring most because we are working outdoors as a family.

  5. Sounds like a beautiful day... I couldnt agree more with the desire to make times like that the norm. Thanks for sharing. :)


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